Monday, April 25, 2016

The Brother Of Jared’s Name Part 2

            Moroni only referrers to “Mahonri Moriancumer” as the brother of Jared and not by his full name in the Book of Ether. Other than part of his name which is in (Ether2:13), the place by the sea to which the people of Jared did pitched their tents, before they came to the Americas. Thus, it is implied but not stated that this is the name of the Brother of Jared. If we look at (Alma 8:7), we see that most places, lands, cities, and even small village were named after the leaders who first possessed them. Thus, we have the Brother of Jared name in verse 13 of Ether Chapter 2 but not his full name. 

Note: Joseph Smith gives a baby blessing to the son of Elder Reynolds Cahoon and the baby was given the name “Mahonri Moriancumer”. What is not known to me is this, did Joseph Smith already translated this part of the Book of Mormon or not, if so, then the church all ready knew the Brother of Jared’s name because this would have all ready been published in the Book of Mormon in the Book of Ether, but not have realized it at this time in History.  

Jesus Christ And The Fall Of Adam

            After the Fall of Adam, Jesus Christ and God our Father in Heaven toke away their presence away from us. Thus, we were unable to see them save it was by them manifesting their spirits unto people in such ways that they know that Jesus Christ and God are who they say they are without reviling Themselves unto people by flesh and bone or flesh and blood. In (Ether 2:4-5) the Lord comes to the Brother of Jared in the form of a cloud. The people of Jared can see the cloud, but not a person of flesh and blood or bones. Later in (Ether 3:6-17) the Lord shows Himself unto the Brother of Jared and thus, the Fall of Adam is taken away from the Brother of Jared and he is now able to see beyond the Veil in order to see Jesus Christ as Jesus Christ.

Trial of Faith: Lessons We Can Learn From Ether 12:6

            Faith is not faith until it has been tried by things that would cause a person to lose their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for faith is hope of things not seen but then you are able to see after the trials of your faith.

Secret Combinations: Lessons We Can Learn From Ether 8:9-25

            We see that even in the days of the Jaredites people, Secret Combinations were made and the pride cycle comes into play. Mormon and Moroni were commanded to write of these things as to warn us in our day that such things will destroy any Nation. For the Lord will not suffer that the blood of His Saints shall be shed by them and He avenge them, His people not. Another reason that Mormon and Moroni put these things into the Book of Mormon is to help us overcome the power that Satan can and will have over us if we let Him have power over us.

The Sealed Part Of The Book of Mormon: Lessons We Can Learn From Ether 4:1-7

            The Brother of Jared wrote down the things he had seen and they were not to be seen or shown unto the children of men until after Jesus Christ should be lifted up upon the cross. When King Mosiah had kept the record he made sure not to show this part to anyone. After Jesus Christ showed Himself unto the people of Nephi, the things to which the Brother of Jared had seen was shown unto the Nephi people, See (3 Nephi). Yet because of their wickedness, the Lamanites were forbidden to have this knowledge because of their unbelief and they rejecting of the Gospel. Thus, Moroni was commanded to write them down. The same things to which the Brother of Jared had seen and like the Brother of Jared, sealed them up and hid them up to come forth in due time of the Lord Jesus Christ. For we shall not have them until the Gentiles do repent of their iniquity and become clean before the Lord, see verse 6. For in the day that they are sanctified and have faith like the Brother of Jared will the Lord give unto us the sealed part of the Book of Mormon.

Jesus Christ Shows Himself: Lessons We Can Learn From Ether 3:6-17

            The Lord Jesus Christ 1st showed His hand and touched the stones one by one with His finger. Thus, giving light to the stones. Yet, up until this time, the Lord had only appeared as a cloud unto the Brother of Jared. Thus, because of the faith that the Brother of Jared had to know that the Lord would be able to give light unto the stones, the Brother of Jared was able to see the Lord’s hand and finger. Then, because of his great faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ was able to take the Veil off from the eyes of the Brother of Jared and he was able to see Jesus Christ in the body of the spirit and also of flesh and blood. Thus, the Brother of Jared had been redeemed from the Fall of Adam and was once again allowed to be in the presence of the Lord. Only save it be Adam and Enoch had anyone seen the Lord as flesh and blood up until this point.